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Movement Disorder Treatment

The London Clinic Centre For Movement Disorders provides advanced treatment options for patients suffering with movement related disorders. Our expert team prides itself on their innovative surgical and treatment techniques. We are well positioned as one of London's only specialist centres dedicated to the treatment of movement related disorders.

Deep Brain Stimulation

A procedure in which stimulating electrodes are placed into the deep structures of the brain.

Lesional Surgeries

An alternative treatment for patients suffering with Parkinson's disease that involves making selective damage to cells in a part of the brain to control movement and reduce symptoms.

Physical Therapies

Physical therapies provide effective treatment for a wide range of different conditions and as part of the recovery from joint injuries or surgeries.

Advanced Medical Therapies

Advanced medical therapies are often recommended if the effects of standard medicines are wearing off more quickly than they used to. Most patients will have tried multiple different medicines and/or patches before infusion therapies are considered.


Represents a variety of clinically distinct movement disorders that include dystonia, and Parkinsonism.

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